Mutant Metahumans

mutant metahumans are the same as metahumans, except this mutation occurs after birth. cosmic radiation, microwave radiation, em waves, magnetic or ozone deteriation can all contribute to metahuman mutation. we dont even now the effects that our minds's have on dna, one theory involves epigenetics, epigenetics simply brings out the characteristics in a specefic gene by changing ones lifestyle, so the possibility of this mutation occurring, as a result of changing lifestyle is not that inconceivable

genetics and you

you dna is a structure comprised of thymene, admine, cytosene, and guanine base pairs. these pairs form a double, or triple helix structure, these bases are bound to a phosphate chemicle, the bases form the rungs of the ladder like structure, and the bases for the rungs. this is done when the dna unzips and then the third strand is inserted and then zipped in every cell at the same time. any cells that fail to do so, usually a small amount are destroyed.